Hacking NFS Configuration Weaknesses for Fun and Profit

Introduction NFS (Network File System) is a protocol that allows for easy sharing of files, primarily within a Linux environment. However, with that ease comes a number of security weaknesses, particularly if servers are poorly configured. In particular, NFS typically relies on the client to enforce access controls – in […]

Automated Linux Patching with Cron

Configuring cron jobs for automated Linux patching is surprisingly easy; as I recently discovered when I wanted to make sure that some of the systems I built stayed fully patched without needing to login and update them manually. I therefore thought I’d share how to automatically update your Linux system […]

Building a Self-Patching WordPress Installation on AWS

Introduction I’ve been playing around with AWS for a while, and had worked out a fairly easy way to keep the underlying OS of my EC2 instance patched; but wanted a way to avoid having to manually update WordPress and all its plugins, templates, etc. I know that it’s generally […]